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We have worked with the leaders in the regenerative movement and have helped shape their presentations to enable them to capture the attention of a broad range of audiences and facilitate the understanding of design. Working as  professional land designers, we understand the need for accurate presentations that get complex ideas across clearly. Drawing on an extremely vast array of disciplines and skill-sets within the sphere of 3-D and 2-D art, we bring a solution that accommodates various budgets and needs in a professional and systematic way. Our clients are certain of fast responsiveness and timely deliverables of accurate, high end results that beautifully illustrate their ideas.

What are the different services that are on offer?

  • 3D landscape design visualizations
  • 3D visualizations for education
  • 3D architectural visualizations
  • 3D terrain visualizations
  • 2D map visualizations
  • 2D hand drawn / digital landscape plans
  • 2D landscape grading plans
  • Motion Graphics:  – infographics, animations, flythroughs

Each of these can be tailored to your needs in order to achieve your unique goals and vision. In case you do not see a service listed here that you need, consider contacting us regardless of that and we might come to an agreement or we  might know someone we can refer you to that offers that service.

How much will it cost and how does payment work?

Prices vary from project to project based on complexity and the third-party contractors that might have to be involved. Therefore we cannot give a flat rate as it is.

In terms of payment, one portion (typically 50%) of the project is payed in advance and then the remained is payed once the project is finished.

When can you start?

Our availability is constantly changing as we may be working on a project or be booked for several projects in advance. Please contact us and we will let you know about our availability.

How do I hire you?

You can contact us using the contacts page and we will reply within 3 business days to discuss your project.

What data will I need to provide?

The data you need to provide is directly tied to the outcome that you are after. We can work from designs drawn on paper napkins to using point cloud photogrammetry, DEM, CAD or LiDAR data. Generally speaking, the more detailed the data the better. Contact us and let us know about your situation in detail and we will reply back with accurate and honest feedback about what’s possible with what you have.

What scale do you work on?

We work on projects that range in scale from garden pots to thousands of acres. Additionally, we can visualize any educational or advertisement concept in 2D, 3D, or video format.

How do you ensure my goals and deadlines are met?

We continuously refine our workflow and tools in order to ensure that  we are up to date with professional standards and at the top of our game.

How many iterations are allowed?

We typically allow up to two iterations before each following one has to be charged for.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes. However, the cancellation of a project carries with it a ‘killer’ fee as a compensation for the time and effort invested into the project. Also payment for deliverables that have already been delivered is non-refundable.