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Our consultancy starts with a mandatory free one-hour kickoff meeting.

The goals of this free session are:

  • To introduce both parties.
  • For us to understand your current and future goals.
  • For you to describe your site, its location, what observations you have on its topography, soils, water flow, native forestry etc.
  • For you to receive feedback from us on whether your goals are realistic in relation to your resources and context.
  • For you to understand whether the approach you are currently taking, or are intending to take, is truly addressing the core problems you are facing and if not then what alternative routes there are that you could take instead in your current context that will bring you forward to your desired future situation.

Process: In order to book a free one-hour kickoff meeting, please contact us here. After we go through your goals, description of your land and assessment of your resources, we can either proceed to the more in-depth consultation or proceed straight to our concept design service.

If you choose to go for the in-depth consultation, we will be sending materials you need to go through first. The aim of these materials is to guide you into acquiring the necessary information that will help us give you concrete advice. We will be asking you a lot of questions during this secondary session. Based on this information, along with a series of maps, we will also be able to provide you with a concept design.

Prices: The kickoff meeting is free of charge. The in-depth consultation costs 52 euros/hour.

Timing: The kickoff meeting lasts 1 hour. The time our in-depth consultations can take is based entirely on your situation and is decided on after our initial meeting.