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Farm Roads – Assessment and Design Criteria

We are soon to release our small book on the assessment and design criteria for sound farm road planning. Here are some of the highlights:

  • The book will be completely self-funded and self-published in order to not be stuck by anyone’s editing preference. We want to keep the freedom of being able to make changes on a whim based on reader feedback.
  • For the creation of this book we have consulted with some of the best professionals out there, as well as many dozens of manuals that cover design and assessment approaches employed all throughout the world from the time of the Romans to the present day.
  • The book is made as much for ourselves as for anyone else. For this reason, the format is designed to be A5 for convenient carry. Additionally, it is made to be spiral-bound, meaning that all the appropriate spaces are left for trimming and binding upon printing to allow for that. We could also easily introduce other formats in the future, like A6 or even A7.


format comparison

format comparison

  • The purpose of the book is to present in one place all of the essential specific and technical assessment and design criteria for farm roads. The idea is to both provide the reader with a quick overview of criteria, as well as allow them to dig deeper through cross referencing with the Appendices.
  • Apart from road design, the book also focuses heavily on drainage feature design as well as crossing design since these are an integral parts of a road system.
  • When there is a lot of technical information in one place it can become confusing when wanting to cross reference. For this reason we developed a symbol-based coding system that should ease the reader in this respect.
  • Since the reader is meant to print the book and carry it, we designed it to a non-standard layout. You may not want to include, say, the references and introduction sections in the book in your printed copy. All such non-essential information will be positioned in a way to allow for it to easily be excluded from the printing.
  • The color scheme for the book is entirely in the grayscale spectrum, and any illustrations are strictly black and white line work (with more white than black). This should ensure lower printing costs.
  • Roadway design is an extremely vast and complex field. We’ve focused just on farm road design and assessment to narrow the scope down and make it accessible to more people. However, to be really informed about the ramifications of design decisions one must also be well informed in respect to the construction and management aspects of road design. For this reason, once we receive feedback about the assessment and design book, we will prepare both a separate edition for construction and management criteria as well as an edition where all of the four aspects are put into one book.

More to come!

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