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Farm Roads – Assessment and Design Criteria

We are soon to release our small book on the assessment and design criteria for sound farm road planning. Here are some of the highlights: The book will be completely self-funded and self-published in order to not be stuck by anyone’s editing preference. We want to keep the freedom of being able to make changes on a whim based […]

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3D Art Courses for Students & Teachers

 Introduction Have you ever wanted to create photorealistic 3D visualizations?  Look no further, you are in the right place! A series of four separate classes will show you everything you need to know to produce stunning images and move from a beginner to a professional! Connecting the dots and trying to figure out for yourself a proper workflow for […]

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Understanding the Application of Keyline Geometry

  We’re preparing a small booklet on applied keyline geometry. The booklet is for adults and kids who want to enjoy a quick summary of basic practical principles for the succesful application of the keyline geometry on real landscapes. It will contain 3D diagrams and graphs and not much text, in a clean minimalist style […]

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Cultivation Guidelines – Free Webinar – June 7th

Update: Here is the recording. Thanks for everyone that joined. Thanks to Erik Frost & Darren Doherty,  we’ll be doing the keyline guidelines for the cultivation layout of the 260 hectares on Hoku Nui Maui, LLC and thought it a good idea to just broadcast it live. In case you’re interested, please see below for details on […]

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